Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Happiness Within Me

"Find happiness within yourself.  Then share yourself with others."

I love my Yogi tea and it's inspiration messages on the tea bag.  And I found the happiness within me today from my yummy dinner and now I'm sharing the secret of my yummy happiness with you: Cava Mezze Hummus.

I absolutely adore hummus.  I could live on hummus (and popcorn) for the rest of my life and die happy :) Now I'm a hummus snob and when I'm too lazy/tired/busy to make my own hummus there are only certain brands of hummus I purchase.  Typically I purchase Tribe Roasted Red Pepper Hummus or the ultimate "crack" hummus Sabra hummus (especially the Spinach artichoke hummus) BUT one of my fantastic coworkers introduced me to Cava Mezze hummus which is made locally in Rockville, MD (very close to my company's HQ).

This hummus is creamy, flavored to perfection with only a slight tahini aftertaste (I do not like strong tahini tastes in my hummus even though I know it's what defines hummus).  And check out these nutritional stats (per 2 tablespoons): 30 calories, 1 gram fat, 1 gram protein.  It's ingredient list is even more impressive: garbanzo beans, tahini, lemon juice, kosher salt, garlic, and citric acid (I can pronounce all of those)!  This is definitely a case where less (ingredients) is more (taste, awesomeness, health benefits).

Now how do I consume my hummus? The real question is how I don't consume only hummus.  Well tonight I made one of my favorite hummus inspired meals:

Salad beast (hummus, spinach, brocoli slaw, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, balsamic vinegar) & grilled pita with hummus (plus a pear on the side).

I've shared with you the happiness within me (trust me there is plenty of this hummus in me).  Now what are some of your favorite hummus inspired meals? Or brands? Or recipes?


  1. I like hummus as a spread only. I mix it with cottage cheese, Laughing Cow, and then spread it onto bread, top with sliced apples and smoked turkey, grill it, and eat. YUM....:D

  2. i love hummus! We usually buy the huge tub of Sabra from Costco when we visit my husband's parents. It's the best, and a great deal!

  3. I love hummus...I like to make it myself but I have yet to perfect it. The best kind is the Mediterranean hummus from Trader Joe's...yum! I like it with veggies or on sandwiches, or as salad dressing.

    (I also LOVE Yogi tea quotes. They make me happy.)

  4. Woo hoo. Rockville represent!

    (I grew up there but I never knew there was a hummus company.)

  5. That salad looks delicious! I didn't know there was a place that made hummus locally--I'll have to try that out.