Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful Saturday :)

I finally made it back to Body Step this morning for the first time in a couple weeks (since I've been house sitting and super busy thus doing my own cardio workouts aka jogging, eliptical, etc).  I absolutely LOVE body step even though I feel I should be wearing sparkly spandex and leg warmers. Body Step is a Les Mills workout class that incorporates cardio, target training, and dance with a step for a full body workout.  For me, Body Step is an hour long party that gives me tons of endorphins and a fantastic booty :)

After Body Step, I went to Toscana Grill to meet a bunch of other DC bloggers for lunch coordinated by the lovely Anne P.  After boring my friends and families with my incessant food talk, I loved being with a bunch of other foodies who love food as much as me!  Toscana Grill joined with Compassion Over Killing (an animal rights group not PETA) to make April a vegan month so their menu for the entire weekend is completely vegan!
Check out this swag:
The is a sticker which I want to put in my car's back window :)

The menu looked fantastic but since I had massive amounts of hunger after Body Step and had a piece of toast with peanut butter I decided to stick with the Minestrone Soup.  However, I thought it left much to be desired.  For a restaurant that tries to encourage a healthy organic lifestyle, the soup mainly included broth, maybe 8 red beans, a green bean or two, and WHITE pasta.  I spent more money of a bowl of soup than the ingredients I could have bought to make a healthier and more tastier soup which is another reason I semi dislike eating out.  I always think I can make something healthier and maybe tastier.  However I loved meeting all the lovely bloggers and we had fantastic conversations about good food and exercise (my favorite topics). And provided me with lots of inspiration for a talk that I'm giving tomorrow to a bunch of college seniors.

I'm an advisor for my sorority at a college in Maryland and tomorrow I'm giving a talk about cooking/eating healthy on a budget without dining halls and Mommy making us dinner every night.  My first year after college I lived paycheck to paycheck but still managed to lose twenty pounds (not because I starved myself with lack of funds for food) while eating organic food, tons of fresh produce, and even shopping at Whole Foods.  So I'm going to be sharing the tips/tricks that I learned with these college seniors who (like me) might struggle with that first difficult year after graduation.

I'll (hopefully) be back tomorrow with a recap of my talk and the recipe I made as example of a quick, cheap, healthy breakfast for busy career girl who doesn't have time for making a pot of steel cut oats. Here's a teaser:

And no it's not oatmeal!!

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  1. Bummer about your soup. I hate when I order something sub-par at a restaurant.

    Umm, craisin cereal?