Sunday, February 21, 2010

DC Vegan Cafe

In case you were wondering, I survived the massive blizzard that overtook Washington DC.  I bunkered down in my parent's house which is closer to my office than my apartment where I basically slept, ate, read, watched TV, repeat.  Fortunately I managed to get some gym  time in thanks to my mother's SUV and Michigan winter driving skills.  Plus hiking in snow up to your waist for a couple miles is a fantastic workout. And walking up and down the stairs for an hour gets your heart-rate going even though your parents look at you like you're crazy...

Just for an idea of how much snow the DC metro area received here are some comparison photos.

My little Hyundai Accent Friday night in the first couple hours of snow fall:

Here's my car Saturday morning as snow still kept falling:

Needless to say my car would not move without massive assistance.  So my Dad and two teenage brothers removed all the snow from around my car and moved it into the driveway...while I sat in the warmth of my parent's house stamping cards with my mother!  My mother provided a bounty of food including 30000 containers of hummus which I proceeded to devour over the next week (some with veggies and some with massive amounts of pita chips).  But after a couple days, I got massive cabin fever and finally managed to return to my apartment and make a connection with the outside world!  So when my friend E. asked me to go to another Vegan cafe in downtown DC, I became ecstatic to be a social human being (not that I don't love my time with my family) and finally try Java Green!

Java Green considers itself an organic eco-cafe that does not serve any products with meat, fish, or eggs.  Plus there are numerous Vegan, Gluten free, and Raw options for everyone (well except omnivores looking for steak).  Plus all of their takeout silverware and dish ware are biodegradable and the cafe provides recycling bins.  It's a tiny cafe perfect for grabbing a quick healthy lunch (though seating is limited so I wouldn't go during the week during prime lunch hours).  After browsing the menu (so many yummy options) I finally chose the seaweed soup with kelp, seaweed, mushroom, and scallions in veggie broth.
And trust me, it's as delicious as it looks!  A huge bowl of soup on a windy, winter day in DC satisfied my soul plus reminded me that I still knew how to behave in social situations and wear real clothes not just my brother's sweatpants and a ratty hoodie. My friend E. chose the organic tofu scramble (which is a very popular brunch item...yum vegan brunch).

She seemed to enjoy the scramble (she spiced it up with Java Green original hot sauce) but I had a little taste and I thought it needed some kick minus the hot sauce as I am a spicy wimp.  I would have covered the scramble in garlic (as I typically do with all food I consume including popcorn).  We both sipped on brewed hot teas and chatted about how we survived the blizzard of 2010!

I immensely enjoyed Java Green and contrary to some opinions on Yelp, I found the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable about the food and customer's dietary restrictions.  I am definitely returning (even though the food prices were a little pricey-$10 for my huge bowl of soup) because there are so many other options I want to sample including raw pizza, mango kale salad, etc.  Plus I'd rather pay a little more money for food that is good for me and the environment!  Though I typically will avoid all the dishes with faux meat products.  I've found that many faux meat products are too processed for my taste though I love Quorn's frozen "chicken" tenders.

Have you tried any faux meat products?  If so what are you favorites or which ones don't you like?  And do you have any tips for surviving long snow days without eating your weight in hummus?

And if I can get my act together I should be back sometime this week with a book review!

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  1. The pictures that my parents showed me of the snow were insane. Is it still there? I'll actually be in Bethesda next weekend.

    I like fake chicken more than fake beef. I think that's because I like real chicken more than real beef. As for veggie burgers, I tend to go for the ones that are more vegetable based than soy based.